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What is Shidded Coin?

Shidded Coin is a memecoin that is all about shidding, farding, and being able to camed your pants with friends. It can be used to tip content creators, as a gift for strangers, and isn’t as cringe as reddit gold. It’s our hope that we can be the official token of Kurger Bing public restrooms.

Why Invest?

Shidded Coin will allow investors and shitposters an opportunity to build the value of a new meme coin from the ground up and potentially realize capital gains in the form of Ethereum.

What is the total supply of Shidded Coin in circulation?

There were 500 billion coins minted during the genesis of Shidded coin.

Where can I purchase Shidded Coin?



How do I add Shidded Coin to MetaMask

The Best Way:

The Manual Way:

  • Download and install the MetaMask Chrome extension
  • Click “Add Token”
  • Ensure “Custom Token” is selected
  • Paste the Shidded token contract address 0x78525827e6b346059e3324e5def20ee1e90469d2
  • Verify the token symbol “SHID” is displayed.
  • Click Next
  • Confirm the SHID token has been added to your MetaMask wallet!

How to increase the value of Shidded Coin?

Tell your friends, share SHID with them, make shidded memes.

Automated Market Makers determine the price of Shidded Coin. Automated market makers are smart contracts that create a liquidity pool of ERC-20 tokens, which are automatically traded by an algorithm rather than an order book. This effectively replaces a traditional limit order-book with a system where assets can be automatically swapped against the pool’s latest price.

Simply put, the more Shidded Coins purchased, the higher the price goes.

How was Shidded Coin created?

Shidded Coin is an ERC-20 token; it is defined in a smart contract within the Ethereum blockchain. Complete documentation on the creation of Shidded Coin can be found here. Open Zeppelin’s ERC-20 token template was used to generate the Ethereum smart contract. Open Zeppelin provides libraries of modular, reusable, secure smart contracts for the Ethereum network, written in Solidity. Please visit the SHIDCOIN Github page for further details.

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i just shidded and farded and camed my pants